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Tinker Bell Movie

It's amazing how Tinker Bell movie fans continue to grow everyday.  She's not just for children anymore.  Disney's Tinker Bell fairy has fascinated children and adults from her very first introduction as Peter Pan’s mischievous pixie fairy friend.

Disney's Tinker Bell fairy has fascinated children and adults from her very first introduction as Peter Pan’s mischievous fairy friend.

Throughout the years she has evolved into a much loved character in part due to her personality. She is a young tinker fairy full of energy, ideas and persistence who is always in a magnificent adventure.

Enter the magical world of Pixie Hollow and follow Tink and her friends on unbelievable journeys that captivate the audience from the very beginning. But with 6 adventure-filled movies, it's hard to decide on a favorite.

Having a Tinker Bell birthday party? 

Review all 6 Tinker Bell movie summaries and take note of the different characters.  All are filled with magical adventures and plenty of excitement to get party ideas.  From moonstones to teacup races, you are sure to decide on a party theme, or maybe mix ideas from different movies.   Children usually watch these movies multiple times and it would be so much fun incorporate games, activities, crafts and decorations from the movies. 

Tinker Bell Movie Summary

Peter Pan

Tinker Bell is first featured as Peter Pan's mischievous fairy friend.  

Setting:  London

Main Characters:  Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy, John, Michael,  Nana (the dog), Captain Hook, Tiger Lily, Mr. Smee, Lost Boys.

Plot:  Peter flies into the nursery of the Darling family where he meets the Wendy and her 2 brothers.  Peter Pan teaches them to fly with Tinker Bell's help and fly off to Never Land.  Hook has captured TigerLily in an attempt to find out where Peter Pan is.  Hook locks TinkerBell in a lantern.

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