Printable Halloween Masks

Whether your playing pretend or trick-or-treating, these free printable Halloween masks are tons of fun and easy to make!  

Oh! It’s so much fun to dress up and go trick-or-treating!  And if we can do it without breaking the bank then that’s a definite winner! We love dressing up for Halloween but costumes can get real pricey, especially if you're only using it for Halloween.  One way to cut the price is to make your costume mask.  These printable Halloween masks are great for lots of activities and events like:

  • Halloween
  • Birthdays
  • Dress-up & Playing Pretend
  • Photo Booth Props
  • Story Time
  • Classroom Party
  • School Show
  • Craft Activity
  • Just Because!

Add a printable Halloween mask to your favorite costume and you are ready to go!

There are different kinds of masks like colored masks, color-in masks, 1/2 face masks which only go to the nose and could be more comfortable, especially for the little ones.

There are various ways to print them:

  • Print on paper and then glue to card stock, construction paper, felt or craft foam sheets.
  • Print directly on card stock
  • Print on colored card stock to save on ink, depending on the mask.

Below is a photo gallery of free printable masks for kids.  Click on image to download from source.  For longer play life, you may choose to laminate or cover with clear contact paper.

Please note that you may need Adobe Reader ( PDF reader) in order to print these printable halloween masks and you can download it for free here.

Character Masks

Superhero Masks

Spiderman Mask

For this mask, drag image to desktop or right-click mouse and save.

Batman Mask

Captain America Mask

Iron Man Mask

Hulk Mask

Thor Mask

Wolverine  Mask

Batman Mask

Batman Mask

Spiderman Mask

Iron Man Mask

Hulk Mask

Thor Helmet

These next 2 masks below are easy make and fun to color online.  We made ours at You can print them in black & white as a coloring page or color them online.  To make your own click here. The coloring is easy for young children; use the paint bucket to fill in the spaces and you can have a super cool mask in minutes. There are lots of masks to choose from and children (and some adults, like me) can color to their heart's content, because it's free to use.  While you're there, check out the site for lots of other cool stuff for kids, it's lots of fun! 

To color the masks below, click on the image which takes you directly to the coloring page.

Thor Mask

Batman Mask

Superhero Mask 

Here are some great Superhero printable Halloween masks for your child to color to their heart's content. Let their imagination run wild to create their own special mask.  Click here for free download.

Iron Man

Captain America




Incredibles Mask

Click image for download of the incredibles mask-child small.  For a slightly larger size mask click here.

Superhero Mask

These fun and colorful Superhero masks are generously offered for free by Masketeers.  We love Masketeers because they have a wonderful collection of the coolest masks with a high quality design without getting complicated.  We can't say enough how much we love printable masks.  They are such great fun for everything from story telling to birthday parties.  Children love to play pretend and with these easy-to-cut masks, kids will be playing in no time.  All you need to do is download, print and cut.  Click on each image for free download. 

Angry Birds Mask

Oh! Couldn't wait to share these Angry Birds Masks with you.  These 6 free printable masks from are just beautiful.  We love the bright colors and the simple clean look.  Click on images for free download.

Disney Princess Masks

We love these Disney printable Halloween masks because they are masquerade type masks which are 1/2 masks and very comfortable.  Just add costume and you're ready to go.  Note that you can punch 2 holes on either side and secure with elastic or glue to a decorated dowel (a stick).  Use ribbon, washi tape or markers (and a little bit of glitter never hurts) to decorate the stick.  

Sleeping Beauty Mask

Little Mermaid Mask

Tiana Mask

Sofia Mask

Sofia Masquerade Masks

These masquerade masks are perfect for Sofia's annual masquerade ball.   Children can customize their masks by coloring them to make their own unique mask.  Use a straw for the handle to wear these beautiful masks. Great for parties, pretend play and playdates!  Click here to download and print both masks.

Snow White Mask

The source for the mask above is here, but their image was a bit grainy so we cleaned it up a bit.  You can get our version by clicking on the image.

Snow White's Step Mother Mask

Belle Mask

Princess Mask

Frozen Mask




Mickey Mouse Mask

Daisy Duck

Donald Duck

Tigger Mask

Hello Kitty Mask

Having a Hello Kitty birthday party?  

Hello Kitty is a Sanrio character who has become a cultural icon and has grown to be known worldwide.  She is an adorable bobtail cat with her signature bow and kids (and adults) absolutely adore her.  She is by far one of the most popular choices for kids birthday parties. 

Your little ones can play pretend by using these super cute Hello Kitty printable masks from minihogarkids that come with 4 different color bows.  You can hand them out at your Hello Kitty party or make it part of your party favor bag.  Click here to print one or all printable masks.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a definite favorite for children of all ages.  This TMNT head below and the 4 masks are actually a pin-the-mask on the ninja turtle printable game.  But, they work great as masks too.  We recommend gluing the mask on the turtle first and then cutting out the eye space so that the eyes come out even.  Then make small holes on either side and secure with elastic string.

Ninja Turtle Mask

Having a birthday party, playdate or just want to play pretend? These TMNT masks are great of all sorts of Ninja turtle fun.  This super cool mask is from, which we absolutely love.  It comes as a black and white printable mask and you have 3 options:

  • Print and Color
  • Color Online (that's like the ones we did below)
  • Download our free colored ones below by clicking on image.

To make your own Ninja turtle mask, click here. It's easy and lots of fun!  Remember to print on card stock (heavy paper) and if you want them to last a while, laminate them.

TMNT Raphael

TMNT Leonardo

TMNT Michelangelo

TMNT Donatello

Here are the same teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles masks in a darker green. has a lot of color choices but the true Ninja turtle color fell somewhere in between.  We couldn't decide which ones look more authentic so we posted them both.  Click on image for free download.

Ninja Turtle Masks

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a definite children's favorite.  These masks provide endless hours of fun and imaginative play.  Below is a variation on the printable mask.  The 1/2 masks are great, especially for those who prefer not to have their entire face covered.  These Ninja turtle masks are from 4KidsTV site however the site is no longer online.  We were able to find these on Flickr but the download didn't seem very user friendly so we made our own download file.

You can visit Flickr here or click on images below for direct download, both are free. 

Dora Printables

Dora Mask

Boots Mask

Diego Mask

Diego Halloween Mask

Dora the Explorer Mask

Here's a Dora coloring page mask which is great for little ones who want to express themselves by coloring the mask their way.  It's double the fun!

Join Diego on his amazing rescue missions as one of his fiercest animals with these great printable masks.

Mario Mask

Lego Mask

Mini Karate Lego Mask

Mini Popstar Lego Mask

Mini Lifter Lego Mask

Mini Lifeguard Lego Mask

Nick Jr.'s Bubble Guppies TV series is an interactive show, filmed with a 3D effect about fish-tailed preschoolers in an underwater classroom.  Chances are if you have a preschooler, they know and love the Bubble Guppies show where children learn, laugh and explore.  Molly and Gil are the co-hosts of this "swim-sational" show which is full of beautiful and vibrant colors (love the colors!).  If your child is a fan of Bubble Guppies, he/she will love these Bubble Guppies masks of Molly and Gil.  These characters are adorable, colorful and fun.

Bubble Guppies

Bubble Guppies Mask


Bubble Guppies Mask


Wonder Pets Mask

Linny the Guinea Pig

Spongebob Mask

One of our favorite coloring sites is  We love this site because you have the option of coloring the images online like the colored Spongebob mask below or you can print it out in black & white like a coloring page and create your own colors and design.

To download and print the colored Spongebob Squarepants mask, click on the colored mask below.  To download and print the black & white outline version, click on the outline image.

Print on card stock (thick paper) for a sturdier.  Secure the 2 holes for the string by using reinforcements or put a piece of scotch tape on both sides of holes BEFORE hole punching or opening hole for the string.

Kai-Lan Mask

Kai-Lans's Monkey King

Kai-Lan's Happy Chinese Mask

Curious George Mask

Arthur & Friends Masks

Arthur is a children's animated series about an 8 year old aardvark and his family and friends.  This PBS cartoon show has been running for approximately 17 years and kids still love him today.  The main characters are Arthur and his younger sister DW but include lots of friends like Buster, Francine and many more.

To print the Arthur and DW mask, click on image for free download.  They are available for print in color or black & white. has a wonderful page with a total of 21 Arthur and friends masks available for print in black & white so the little ones can have fun coloring them and then wearing them.

We took a screenshot of the page so we could share with you all the super cool masks that PBS offers.  To print any of these fun cartoon masks for free, go to  Please note that the image of the gallery of masks below does not belong to us and is property of PBS.  While you're there check out their website, it's full of fun activities for kids.

Henry Hugglemonster

Henry Mask

Summer Mask

Henry Mask 2

Team Umizoomi Hat


Disney's Wreck-It-Ralph animated comedy movie is a definite children's favorite that tells the story about a video game villain who wants to be a hero.  Another favorite character from the Wreck-It-Ralph movie is Vanellope Von Schweetz, a spunky little girl from Sugar Rush, a candy-coated cart racing game.  These Disney printable masks are great for Halloween and playing pretend.  Click on image for free download.

Wreck-It-Ralph Mask

Vanellope Mask

Yo Gabba Gabba Printables

Foofa Mask

Toodee Mask

Brobee Mask

Plex Mask

Muno Mask


Smurfette Mask

Brainy Mask

Papa Smurf Mask

Backyardigans Masks

Uniqua Mask

Austin Mask

Pablo Mask

Tasha Mask

Tyrone Mask

Julius Jr. Mask

Julius Jr. is a favorite cartoon of Nick Jr. fans. Now kids can print and color their favorite character.  We also got in on the fun and lovingly colored the Julius Jr. mask.

Note that these kids' character masks by Nick Jr. were mainly designed to use as a "stick" mask where you cut out the mask and glue a craft stick on the back side of the mask. However, they can still be used as a regular mask.  We recommend printing on card stock (heavy paper) and reinforcing the holes on either side (not shown on image), before threading elastic through them.  To prolong play life, laminate with clear contact paper. Click on image to download your favorite.

Julius Jr. Mask (colored)

Julius Jr. Mask

Worry Bear Mask

Clancy Mask

Sheree Mask

Ping Mask

Paw Patrol Masks




Peppa Pig Mask

Minion Goggles

Miles from Tomorrowland 

Miles Helmet Mask

Merc Mask

Note that this adorable Merc mask is a stick mask, which is great for kids who prefer a hand-held mask.

Shrek Mask

Peter Pan Mask

Littlest Pet Shop Masks

PBS Kids Super Why Masks

Super Why Mask

Wonder Red 

Princess Presto

Alpha Pig

Masha and the Bear

Masha and the Bear is an adorable Russian cartoon about an energetic little girl name Masha and her friend Bear. You can follow their adventures on YouTube and Netflix. We made this fun Masha mask for little ones to enjoy. You can download it here for free. 

We made this "masquerade" type Masha printable mask for children who prefer masks that don't cover their entire face. You can download it here.

Indian Girl Mask 

Indian Girl Mask 2

Pirate Masks

These fun print-and-color masks are great for those who love to make their own creations.  Click on image for download.

We colored the 2 pirate masks below using  We love this site because you can print their images in black & white and color them or you can color them online like we did with the 2 masks below.  It's a lot of fun and easy to do.

If you want to color your own click here.  If you want to print the colored ones below, click on image for download.

Pirate Mask

Butterfly Mask

Unicorn Mask

Masquerade Mask

Animal Masks

We love these printable animal masks from First Palette because they are well done and they offer them colored or as a coloring page.  Some masks like the bunny mask below come in various colors and as a coloring page. These are great for story time and playing pretend. Click on image for free download.  Tip:  Add a piece of tape across the holes for the string to reinforce the string hole and then punch open.

Bunny Mask

Lion Mask

Bear Mask

Polar Bear Mask

Panda Mask

Tiger Mask

Owl Mask

Monkey Mask

Frog Mask

Dog Mask

Sheep Mask

Tiger Mask

Owl Mask

Pig Mask

Lion Mask

Zebra Mask

Dragon Mask

Snake Mask

Printable Masks

Samurai Mask

Viking Mask

Lucha Libre Mask

Cowboy Mask

Knight Mask

Wrestler Mask

Halloween Masks

Halloween masks are so much fun and these printable paper masks are perfect for trick-or-treating.  We "extra" love the 1/2 masks because they are so comfortable to wear, especially for the little ones.  Print on paper or card stock (A4) which offers more durability. 

Pumpkin Mask

Frankenstein Mask

Ghost Mask

Witch Mask

Kids Halloween Masks

Disney's The Haunted Mansion Ghost Masks

We love the Haunted Mansion at Disney, its so much fun! These mansion ghost masks are perfect for Halloween. Wish Disney made a mask of the lady in the glass bowl! Click on image to print one or all three.

Alien Mask

Pumpkin Mask

Ghost Mask

Vampire Mask

Pumpkin Mask

Spider Mask

Skeleton Mask

Pumpkin Mask

Bat Mask

Cat Mask

Witch Mask

Zombie Mask

Frankenstein Mask

Frankenstein Bride Mask

Alien Mask

Medusa Mask

Halloween "Glasses" Mask

These fun "glasses" masks are great and easy for Halloween, just tape the legs to the frame and your child is ready to go. These Halloween glasses are also perfect for children who wear glasses. Just tape the frame of their favorite mask to the frame of their glasses and done. The legs of the glasses are optional, more for decorative purposes to complete the look but not really functional since they will be wearing their own eyeglasses. Click here for download.

Disney's The Haunted Mansion

Easter Printable Masks

These free printable masks are great for Easter fun, creative play, playdates and much more. Download by clicking on image. Print on card stock (heavy copy paper) for a longer play life.

Christmas Masks

Children can play pretend with these fun Christmas masks.  Click on image for download. We suggest printing masks on card stock paper and for longer play life, laminate them with clear book-cover paper. Reinforce the string holes with paper reinforcers or tape.

Santa Mask

Rudolph Mask

Elf Mask

Elf Mask 2

Snowman Mask

Reindeer Mask

Santa Mask 2

Elf Mask 3

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