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Start this jolly holiday season with fun free Christmas coloring pages. 'Tis the season for lots of excitement and joy for both young and old. 

Anticipation starts to build early as Christmas approaches. Some are making lists, feasting on cookies and milk, picking out the right tree, wrapping presents (the ones that Santa doesn't bring), decorating, listening for reindeer bells and the most fun of all, trying to catch a glimpse of Santa. This certainly is lots of fun and a great way to entertain children as we countdown the days till Christmas by giving them fun interactive Christmas coloring pages.  

Our goal is to bring you quality coloring pages that children love to color.  You will find everything from easy to more challenging so that there is something for all ages.

Have children use crayons, markers, colored pencils, water color and any other medium to create their masterpieces.  If you want to save as a keepsake, have them write their name and year.  It's great to look at these as the years pass and they grow right before your own eyes.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, Enjoy!

Santa Coloring Pages

Santa & Mrs Claus Coloring Page

Color Santa and Mrs. Claus on the snow. To download, right-click on your mouse and save to your computer or drag to desktop (Mac users). Set printer to "scale to fit" and landscape position.

The Christmas holiday season is such a cheerful holiday. Children are filled with excitement and looking forward to the big day. Keep them entertained with fun Christmas coloring pages. There are so many Christmas themes that we decided to separate the coloring pages by theme to make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for. Find your favorites and click on the image for free download.

Reindeer Coloring Pages

Disney Christmas 

Disney Princess

To print the Little Mermaid Christmas coloring page below simply drag to your desktop or right-click mouse, save and print.

Nick Jr. Coloring Pages

Dora Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas Fun


Elf-On-A-Shelf has become quite the phenomenon. It started over 5 years ago when these adorable elves started appearing. This special scout elf is sent from the North Pole to help Santa on his naughty or nice list. When a family adopts an elf and gives it a name, the elf receives its Christmas magic and can fly back to the North Pole each night to tell Santa Claus about all the day's adventures. 

Both my daughters actually adopted their own elf the very first year they started appearing and we had fun watching all the mischievous fun their elves had.  I remember when they first came to our house some weeks before Christmas and we found our Christmas tree wrapped in bathroom paper with one elf inside the tree and the other hiding in the toilet paper roll. We all had a great laugh and wondered what else they might do while they were here.  

I must admit that we were not aware of the "no-touch" rule which says that you can not touch the elf or they lose their magic.  My girls played with them and slept with them and they even stayed till the following summer (because my younger daughter could not bare to part with her elf) with the approval of Santa Claus.  

Elf on a shelf  is certainly popular and these last couple of years these elves have been appearing in the funniest ways.  Bring Elf on a shelf to your home this christmas with these fun coloring pages, printables games and crafts.

These elves are cute but they are pricey too, especially if you have more than one child.  Make your own easy elf on a shelf here. It's not exactly like the real one but work well especially for the little ones.

Elf On The Shelf Coloring Pages

Kids will love coloring these fun elf-on-the-shelf coloring pages.  Download one or all here.



Elf On A Shelf Printables



Wreath Maze

Word Search

Personalized Coloring Pages

WOW!!! Couldn't wait to share this with you!  Christmas coloring pages that you can personalize with the click of the mouse and print (from home), for FREE!!  Love it!

Children love to see their name on .....Anything!  How cool is it that you can personalize a coloring page?  So much fun and so simple!  You can find these images and lots more at Frecklebox.  They have 2 different Christmas coloring pages (shown below).  Click on image to go directly to personalize and print the Christmas pages below or click here to check out all the coloring pages on their site. 

Christmas Coloring Page

Here's a fun Christmas doodle coloring page for older kids. This art is by Julia from Just color and we just love it! It's full of cute images to entertain for hours! 

Christmas Printables

Bubble Guppies Christmas Maze

Help the Bubble Guppies, Molly and Gil, find their way to Mr. Grumpfish's house to celebrate the Christmas holiday.  Find presents, gingerbread cookies, candy canes and lights along the way.

Bubble Guppies Christmas Tags

Peppa Pig Christmas Maze

Help Peppa and George mail their letters to Santa by following the path to the mailbox.

Easy Connect-the-Dots

Here's an easy gingerbread man connect-the-dots that's fun for younger children.  Then they can color it when their done connecting the dots.

Christmas BINGO

We love BINGO!  It's such a great family-friendly game that both young and old can play together.  This free Christmas BINGO game by Crayola brings 5 different printable BINGO cards.  The fun part about playing this  BINGO game is that when the "caller" pulls out an image that's on your board, you get to color it.  The first one with 5 colored squares in a row, wins!  Click on image for download.  Download will take you to the general Crayola page and then just scroll down.  We did it this way so it would be easy to see all 5 boards.  Have fun!

Santa Mask

Entertain kids while their waiting for the big day with this free printable Santa Claus mask.  To make a DIY sled, grab a large cardboard box and cut the top lid off, tape some jingle bells to the box, open 2 holes on the box and loop some ribbon or string throughout the holes.  Leave the string long enough so that there is some space between the child and the box, then tie the ribbon around child's waist.  To make easy and budget friendly reindeers, get 2 long branches and wrap some jingle bells around the branches and for a finale use brown chenille stems (pipe cleaners) and shape it around the end of the twig or branch to make it look like deer antlers and Voila! You have 2 branch reindeers! 

Make some pretend presents for them to deliver (to other family members, the cat, the dog, pretend friends, toy animals like their favorite dinosaur, stuffed animals and toy characters like Spiderman, etc.).  You can also make mini presents for everyone on the list.  For example, if they are going to deliver to Spiderman and you happen to have some left over spider web from halloween, you can roll some of it up into a soft ball and tie a ribbon around it, add a name tag and you just made yourself a great Spiderman present.  

If you want to be extra clever, tie ribbons around small stacks of laundry and have them deliver it to their room, this way you get 2 jobs done at once.

I can see I'm getting carried away once again with my Santa mask idea so I'll stop before I turn this into a Christmas party. Kids can run around the house pretending to be Santa with this free mask and a DIY sled and reindeer....How Fun!

Elf Mask

Having a friend over?  No problem, have friends become Santa's elves with this cute free printable elf mask.  Print one for each friend and they are ready to accompany Santa on his deliveries.  These masks are also tons of fun for a child's Christmas birthday party. 

Rudolph Mask

Let Rudolph guide your sled tonight.......!   This free printable Rudolph mask is perfect for pretend play or a birthday party.  Click on image to download.

Elf Mask 2

Snowman Mask

Elf Mask 3

Reindeer Mask

Santa Mask 2

Make Your Own Snowman

Build your own snowman with this free download from Spoonful which comes with 5 pages of printables including facial expressions, clothing, hats and hands.

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